Association of Gay Sims in Second Life

About the Gay Archipelago

The Gay Archipelago (GA) is an international association of LGBT and LGBT-friendly sims. We share traffic, conduct Archipelago-wide events, and welcome LGBT newcomers into Second Life. Gay Archipelago member sims run the gamut from residential to role play sims with as much diversity as the LGBT community has to offer. Whether you are looking for theatrical events, live music, dance clubs, cruise spots, premier shopping districts, beaches and resorts, a lovely place to make your home in Second Life, or extremely well executed role play sims, you can find it in the Gay Archipelago.

The purpose of the Gay Archipelago is to provide a safe haven for this vibrant community while fostering cooperation and unity. It helps owners and residents of sims to promote their interests, and coordinates multi-region events open to all in Second Life.

Founded in 2007 by the late Fabrice Snook, for eight years, the Gay Archipelago has striven to support and promote the LGBT community in Second Life. The Gay Archipelago is comprised of some of the most vibrant and creative sims in Second Life, with popular venues and opportunities to find the perfect place to live, work, support the arts, shop, and play on the Grid.

For a list of Gay Archipelago members, look here. Explore and enjoy what the Gay Archipelago has to offer you.