Association of Gay Sims in Second Life



HINTERLAND, one of Second Life’s most luxurious GLBT-friendly residential communities; designed to reflect the spirit of the Northern Isles of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland, is a better kind of living, away from the noise and bustle of mainland and based on fellowship, hospitality, tolerance and community.

The Hinterland sims are not intended to be an exact replica of Scotland but rather a tribute to the hardy Scottish folk living scattered in the Orkney and Shetland Isles. A place of remote and rugged vistas, of breath-taking views, of tranquil bays, peaceful and welcoming villages – these are the qualities of Hinterland.

We hope Hinterland is a reflection of the traditional Scottish values of hospitality, honesty, hardiness and hard work. With a small measure of thriftiness thrown in for good measure.

A place where you can own your slice of privacy with good neighbours, in a scenic and unique environment. And we have been going strong for over three years now so you know your investment is safe with us.

Hinterland is the genuine Scottish island experience – the experience that real life Scots enjoy.

Filled with stunningly beautiful wide landscapes under a deep blue sky these remote and lonely isles allow you the freedom to roam where you will exploring the ancient heritage of Scotland right here in Second Life.

So, as the Scots say, “Come all ye at home with freedom!”