Association of Gay Sims in Second Life

Winterfest FAQ

What is Winterfest?

Winterfest is one of two (the other being Summerfest) festivals that the Gay Archipelago runs each year. Both festivals are held on a sim rented for the festival and feature displays from our members and sponsors, and events at the main arena.

Why Does the Gay Archipelago Hold Winterfest?

Winterfest, along with its sister festival Summerfest, is how the Gay Archipelago raises its operating funds. These festivals are its main sources of funding.

What Does the Gay Archipelago do with the money it raises?

The Gay Archipelago is a volunteer not-for-profit association of LGBT estates in Second Life. We don’t pay wages or salaries to any of our volunteers and we do not rent sims. So all of the money raised by the Gay Archipelago is used to promote our members.