Association of Gay Sims in Second Life

Winterfest Thank You’s & Summerfest Poster


Greetings Everyone.

I would like to that all the Estates, Sponsors and volunteers who made Winterfest a huge success, a special nod to our festival team; Chade, Caeru, Hiro, Jagger, Buddy, Nikolai, Situ and Cato and to our presenting partner Crito Galtier from Terra Lascivus for sponsoring the actual sim costs and much of the live entertainment.

So many to thank with the talented line up of entertainment including; Roseland Theater’s Christmas Glee Show, The Pink Vampire, Nance Brodey, Tamra Hayden and Samm Qendra. The long list of SL DJ’s and Hosts who put on some amazing parties.

For those who missed the announcement at Winterfest, Summerfest 2016 will be held 3rd – 12th of June 2016.Web


2016 will see a whole new way of event scheduling with our main festival being Summerfest at the beginning of June. This leave 11 months to hold Estate events in keeping with the yearly calendar, to give you an example this is what we have lined up so far;

May 2016 Hinterland Art Festival, culminating in Hinterland 9 (The Estates 9th Birthday party)

June 2016 SummerFest, The Summer of Love

July 2016 Bukaroo Rodeo (More details to follow)

October 2016 Something Wicked 2 Spurt Beach/ South Beach Annual Fund Raiser for the GA Mentoring Program

December 2016 Winterfest Weekend

So if your sim has a particular event that runs for more than one day and you would like to fill one of the other available months drop me a line A.S.A.P.

(The requirements of these smaller festivals are that GA flags and donation booths are set up at every event)

Well thats it for now, I hope everyone has been having a fantastic holiday season and I wish you all health and happiness for the coming new year.


GA Lead